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TPerfect Your Body's Balance
  • Are you having trouble sleeping through the night?
  • Are you experiencing hot flashes or intense night sweats?
  • Do you feel like your skin is dull and tired-looking?
  • Does the number on the scale seem to rise no matter what you do?
  • Do you constantly feel fatigued and worn out?
  • Are feelings of depression, moodiness, and irritability bringing you down?

If you are currently going through menopause, you may have discovered that this phase of a female's life can involve much more than merely saying farewell to that not so welcome monthly visitor. Hormonal imbalances can cause a large number of symptoms during menopause, which can have a negative impact on a woman's sex life, her physical and emotional health, and her relationships with loved ones. You may be aware that your personality and appearance have taken a turn for the worse in recent months, but perhaps you feel powerless to do anything about it. Friends and family may have also noticed that you just don't seem like yourself...

Your mother may have told you that menopause symptoms are just something you have to learn to live with, that being tired, moody, and blue is an unavoidable part of getting older and going through "the change of life." Thankfully, that's simply not true. Progesteril is an easy-to-use topical cream with plant-based progesterone and estrogen that can bring your hormones back into balance and provide relief from a variety of troublesome menopause symptoms!

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Perfect Your Body's Balance

More and more women are refusing to suffer in silence and endure potentially life-altering menopause symptoms for months or even years on end. Understandably, these same women don't want to take measures to relieve hot flashes and other symptoms that could put their health at risk. Progesteril is a sensible, side-effect-free solution that will bring your body's ratio of feminine hormones back into balance. Because proven effective ProgesterilTM contains extracts that are similar to the hormones your body naturally produces, there are no worries about dangerous interactions or nasty side effects. The USP grade micronized natural hormone found in ProgesterilTM is derived from wild yam, not harmful chemicals.

Progesteril's Proprietary Formula Uses Researched Proven Ingredients That Will:

  • Provide relief from embarrassing hot flashes and scary night sweats
  • Relieve menopause-related irritability and tension to improve your overall mood
  • Help you sleep through the night so you can get the rest you need to be healthy and happy
  • Restore your skin's radiant, youthful glow and help you combat menopause weight gain
  • Correct hormonal imbalances that may be contributing to or causing your menopause symptoms

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quoteI was having such a terrible time with hot flashes and irritability since starting menopause I did not know where to turn. I saw an ad for ProgesterilTM and wanted to try an all natural approach to controlling my symptoms. After just 3 weeks I noticed a dramatic difference in my mood and my hot flashes have almost disappeared totally. ProgesterilTM has been my saving grace. Thank you! - quote

Tawnie P., Denver, Co.
quoteI am 56 years old and have been battling menopausal symptoms for almost a year now. I could not take the insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats and wild mood swings anymore. I started taking MenoquilTM and ProgesterilTM. I could not believe how much these 3 products together helped me. The night sweats are gone, I am back to my old self again, and hot flashes are almost a thing of the past. I am a new woman!quote

Carolina A., Malibu, Ca
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So What Makes Progesteril The Most Effective Menopause Relief Cream You Can Buy?

If you're in the market for a hormone balancing cream, you likely want comprehensive symptom relief. Progesteril contains two all-natural, completely safe ingredients to combat estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency, which can cause hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, insomnia, and decreased libido during menopause.

Every time you apply Progesteril, you'll get an optimal dose of the following extracts:

Wild yam root extract, a plant-based source of progesterone that can combat estrogen dominance Relieve menopause-related irritability and tension to improve your overall mood.
Soybean, a phytoestrogen that can relieve menopause symptoms and play a key role in reestablishing an optimal hormonal balance

Progesteril is A Potent Topical Hormonal Balancing Formulation That Contains Scientifically Studied Plant-based Ingredients!

If you're going through menopause and you're fed up with hot flashes and feeling like a moodier, more exhausted version of the fun-loving, energetic woman you were not so long ago, Progesteril may be exactly what you need to get your body and your mood back on track!

The Most Advanced Natural Menopause Symptom Relief Cream Currently Available!

Progesteril is a simple, science-based, affordable approach to lessening the severity of a variety of unpleasant menopause symptoms. It is paraben-free and contains no fragrances, making it suitable for all skin types... and it absorbs fast. Progesteril delivers incredible results without causing side effects or leaving an embarrassing, messy residue behind on skin or clothing.

Don't Let The Change Of Life Change Your Life For The Worst! Feel Like Yourself Again And Address The Root Cause of Most Menopause Symptoms With Scientifically Formulated Progesteril!

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